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About Us

Family company Bonovo sro

The family company Bonovo sro, which was founded in 2000, has expanded its activities since 2009 with the services of importing custom-made Zentai suits. The uniqueness and uniqueness of these suits literally thrilled us. We were convinced that the versatile use of Zentai suits, Catsuits and other clothing will be of interest to our customers. Our intention has been fulfilled right since the launch of the first version of our website in August 2009. In February 2014, we launched the 2nd version of our e-shop for our customers, with already advanced functionality in a completely new design. Over time, we added more options for parametric adjustments, new materials, new modes of transport and payments - so there was a need to redesign the entire site. The result is the latest version of our store launched in June 2020. It now also offers a language version in English and German.
But we still stick to our motto - to bring you joy and make you at least "be someone else" for a while

No question from our customers is unusual for us and we pay close attention to every question. We offer our customers absolute discretion and a professional approach to order processing. When ordering, you fill in only the minimum necessary personal data needed to deliver the goods. Shipments are delivered with a completely neutral sender's address and completely discreetly packed. We pack and send the goods in such a way that it is not possible to find out what is in the package.
If we are forced to call you back, we make sure that we first make sure that we are really talking to the right person and then specify where we are calling from and for what reason.

We are ready to pay attention to your wishes and requirements

  • Miroslav Novotný Technical questions, orders, availability

    .. we can communicate together before your order. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask at 608-125 647, or info@zentai.cz.

  • Ing. Monika Novotná Sorting of shipments, invoicing, dispatch of goods

    .. I manually inspect your goods and prepare for dispatch. If you have questions directly with me, call 608-205 031 or info@zentai.cz

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+420 608 125 647

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