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Our store specializes in completely unique and unique Zentai suits. The meaning of the word "Zentai" comes from Japanese and means "whole body". These are therefore close-fitting one-piece suits, completely covering the body, including the head, fingers and toes. It forms a kind of second skin. They are made mainly of elastic materials Lycra, Spandex, Nylon, but in many modifications also of PVC and Latex. They are usually equipped with a zipper on the back, but there are also models mainly made of Nylon and Latex material, into which you can also squeeze through a hole for the neck. The body wrap thus reaches the maximum possible level and brings the wearer a feeling of complete identity in front of the environment.
Zentai suits (or Catsuits - modifications without a head mask) find practical use in training and sportswear for gymnastics, speed skating, scuba diving, etc. Also in the field of film, culture, music videos (Spiderman, Batman ..) Last but not least, Catsuit and Zentai suit perceived by a certain group of people as a matter of fetishistic significance when sought after for BDSM practices.
We offer Zentai suits with a wide range of modification options for specific uses and we are always based on the needs and wishes of our customers. You can always find specific editing options in the product detail. Most models require detailed customer measurements, please note this fact. In any case, this is a perfectly tailored suit - make yourself happy.

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