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Transport options

The goods (due to their confidential nature) are sent packed in neutral cardboard boxes without the store's logo - it is therefore not possible to identify its contents in any case.

We always line the goods carefully to prevent possible damage during transport.

  • For customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we send goods through the service of the Czech Post and the Mailbox. Prices from 90, - to 240, - CZK
    Possibility of payment: online card, bank transfer, PayPal. Cash on delivery is also unique - so you do not pay for the goods in advance, but only on the day of delivery
  • For customers in Europe, we send goods via the German, Austrian Post and DPD services. Prices from 150, - to 350, - CZK
    Possibility of payment: online card, bank transfer, PayPal. Cash on delivery for foreign payments is not possible


Detailed view of transport through the Czech and Slovak Mailbox

Our favorite carrier, which we already use most of your orders. It is simply simple, clear and, most importantly, fast and safe.
You can pick up the goods at the branch office usually on the second working day (sometimes a day longer), valid for orders of stock items until 13:00.

Pre-selected delivery point of the Mailbox, visit with your mobile phone - you will need a PASSWORD to pick it up, which the Mailbox will send you via SMS. Some dispensaries also offer card payments (please check in advance) when selecting it).
The consignment can be picked up by someone close to you, if you provide him with a password. Mailing shops are only used to collect goods, it is not possible to file complaints here.


Detailed view of transport via ČP, SP, Austrian Post and Deutsche Post

We have many years of experience with the Czech and Slovak Post. Its great advantage is the long storage time of the shipment and the wide network of delivery points. For customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we offer the option of choosing a specific branch, including other information (opening hours, ATM, parking, etc ..)
Goods delivered by postis on its way to you usually in 2-4 working days .. Customers are informed via SMS message.

Payment by card is automatically possible at each branch. However, it is sometimes necessary to stand in line. The prices of the package delivery service are relatively high compared to the Mail Order, however, the quality of delivery is good and there is no damage to shipments.


Detailed view of transport DPD AT, DE

DPD is a proven shipping company with a large number of international branches. DPD Classic will deliver your shipments reliably, safely and on time throughout Europe.
It transports consignments to European countries within 2 - 4 working days.
Customers are informed about the delivery date by e-mail.
Insurance up to CZK 50,000 included in the price of transport.
Up to 3 delivery attempts.

Each shipment contains a 14-digit code, which does not change throughout the delivery, so you can easily monitor the progress of delivery to your home.

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