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Latex Care

Latex Care

Natural Latex comes from the rubber tree (Havea Brasiliensis). It is a white liquid, similar in appearance to cow's milk.
The latex clothing we supply is made from rubber plantations in Malaysia.

Material for the production of latex clothing

Natural rubber: 100% (Malaysian rubber tree - Havea Brasiliensis)
Supplied thicknesses: 0.25 mm, 0.40 mm, 0.60 mm, 0.80 mm, 1.00 mm

Latex is a natural material, with its specific scent, it is maximally elastic and will perfectly give you the feeling of a "second skin".

Dressing up

It is a bit difficult because you are wrapping yourself in a size smaller than your own body. The use of ground talc or the lubrication of the body with pure silicone oil will make it much easier for you to dress - see. this video . We do not strongly recommend Silikal oil for dressing or polishing, which, in addition to silicone oil, also contains additives that damage Latex. Before each dressing of the Latex Catsuit, remove the chains, rings and earrings and any items that could damage the Latex. It is also necessary to pay attention to long or sharp nails, which can damage or scratch Latex. The trousers are worn first and, as with women's stockings, it is good to roll the trousers on both hands first and stretch them to the legs or arms by gradually unpacking them. If it is necessary to stretch the Latex a little, never do it with your fingers, there is a risk of breaking the Latex. The best method is to move with the pressure of the palm of your hand and thus gradually move the Latex to the correct position. At the same time, you will smooth out the folds and wrinkles that are created by sliding. For 0.25 mm thin Latex clothing, this procedure is directly necessary. With thicker Latex 0.80 and 1.00 mm, it is possible to handle reasonably stronger. When closing the zipper, it is necessary to first approach the two halves and then pull the zipper slider, with a feeling of closing the zipper. Moving the zipper slider must go lightly, or you can lubricate the zipper with a small amount of silicone oil. If there is a zipper on your back, it is best to fasten it to your partner. If the assistant is not present, it is possible to close the zipper using, for example, a shoelace that extends through the eye of the zipper. This will release one hand, which you can pull the zip fasteners together. Avoid closing the zipper by force, a slider defect and a zipper failure may occur. When dressing, don't rush, take it as part of a party or foreplay.


Polished already dressed clothes. Shine is a matter of personal taste. Some of the colors look less shiny better, but the vast majority of colors stand out due to their high gloss, which also gives the latex its attractiveness. Apply by hand or preferably by hand in a latex glove. Cloths or sponges absorb part of the gloss again. The optimal solution is pure silicone oil, which guarantees a perfect and relatively long-lasting effect. For interesta similar liquid is used to moisten condoms during their packaging and is completely harmless. Another option is to use water-based lubricants (not oil-based), but they disappear relatively quickly, the gloss does not last long. When using silicone oil, always heed the manufacturer's warnings about possible risks, eg in case of accidental eye contact. When polishing Catsuit, also beware of unwanted oiling of the carpet or floor on which you could later slip.


It's easier than dressing. However, it is not one of the activities that would take only a few seconds. Again, we emphasize sensitive and gentle handling. After slipping out of the suit, immediately wash the inside and outside with water, or use a soft cloth to remove dirt that has not been washed away by the water. Do not push or rub. When you use a lot of soap, Latex tends to stick together, so a small amount of soap is enough. It is best to use soap with antibacterial effects. Finally, rinse with clean water. After washing, allow clothing to drip, dry with a soft cloth or towel, and allow to dry on a shaped and wide hanger (never a metal hanger), away from sunlight, an intense heat source, and an open flame. For perfect drying, it is essential to turn it upside down even into the thinnest folds.


When storing Latex clothing, care must be taken to ensure that the storage area is dark and dry. Direct sunlight directly harms Latex. Therefore, if you store your Latex suits in your normal wardrobe, it is possible, but it is necessary to avoid possible contact of Latex with other clothes and especially with metal parts (buckles, buckles, coins, keys, buttons .. etc.), which can Latex irreversibly damaged. Latex can also be damaged by other oils and greases (except silicone oil). If splashed, always wash Latex only with lukewarm water and soap (never chemical cleaners). Also beware of possible long-term contact with leather clothing, as the chemicals used in leather processing can have an adverse effect on natural latex. I do not recommend hanging Latex clothing, for example, clothes only by the hangers, as this could cause hanging and also beware of hangers with sharp points, which could push the Latex, which would result in an irreversible change in appearance. If you are going to store Latex for a longer period of time, we recommend treating it with a thin layer of silicone oil and storing it in a dark plastic bag. Store folded, prepared, never crumpled and sorted by color. It is important that Latex is stored loose and is not loaded with anything after storage - after a long time, wrinkles would appear in the folds. Do not store near a heater or other heat source, the optimum temperature is up to 25 ° C. Of course, it is strictly forbidden to iron Latex, wash it in the washing machine and dry it in the dryer.

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