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Latex surface treatment


By default, the surface of the Latex garment is treated with dry powder on the inside. This treatment gives Latex a matte appearance, but it is best for storage and transport. When dressing for the first time, you should put more powder on the inside, but pure silicone oil is used more, thanks to which you can "slip" into the Latex catsuit comfortably and quickly. Watch this video, where everything is well shown. Once you have Catsuit on, as needed and to your liking, you can use the silicone oil as an external polish. Opinions differ on this, someone polishes the outside, leaves Latex matte. Most colors only stand out after polishing. If this is the first purchase of Latex clothing, we recommend this default dry powder treatment option. Then you can continue experimenting with different types of polishes until you find what you like best. If in time you find out that silicone is the right modification, we can equip your new Catsuit with silicone from the factory, see menu from the selection of the parameter "Latex surface treatment - select".

SILICON on the outside

In our opinion, pure silicone is an excellent polish. The gloss lasts a long time, is pleasant and is not sticky to the touch. Silicone spray, leaves an unpleasant cloud and it is necessary to ventilate at work. Silicone polishes in bottles can be found in adult stores or online.

SILICON on the outside and inside

This option combines the above-mentioned polish from the outside, and for better dressing, a thin layer is also applied to the inside of the suit. This is a good way to easily get into a suit and have it ready to wear right out of the box. Silicone inside, but can not be left long without wearing, it is better before each use, silicone the inside with a fresh layer. More information on how to properly clean and store Latex clothing can be found in the "Latex Care" tab.


The last treatment option is chlorination. The latex is immersed in a chemical bath, which is essentially a mixture of chlorine and ammonia. After this bath, the pores on the surface of the Latex close, resulting in a smooth surface and a reduced brittleness effect after years when the latex begins to age. We can recommend this adjustment, because it brings several significant benefits, see. below, so we've included it as an option. Because the chlorination process is technologically demanding, the total production time with this treatment is extended by 2 weeks.

By chlorination, Latex becomes permanently smooth and fine. This means that in most cases you will not need talc or lubricant when wearing Latex clothing.

* you can dress and undress quickly and effortlessly.
* Latex does not stick together once it is clean and dry again.
* you can dress in jeans or shirts over the Latex Catsuit without sticking or pulling between the fabric and the Latex.
* You can go to bed in Latex without catching or sticking to the sheets.
* You can dress and wear multiple layers of Latex, perfectly afterthey will "slide" themselves.
* chlorination reduces the classic scent of Latex and the classic sound of "clapping" when dressing.
* chlorination is more resistant to staining
* chlorination does not change the color of Latex
* maintenance of latex clothing treated with chlorination does not change - see. paragraph " Latex Care "

Against all its positive properties, chlorination has one negative property and that is the impossibility of repairs by gluing.
Molecular changes in Latex will cause the volcanic adhesive to react incorrectly chemically and the bonded joint will not have its elastic strength - please keep this information in mind.

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